HTP .re


HTP .re is a privately owned website full of services managed by and
Currently, only a fun project ran out of our own pockets, if you want to support us feel free to donate by contacting either one of us.
This will also get you an exclusive email and jabber account under this domain


We have a few services which include XMPP, Email, and IRC.
There might be more in the future but we don't plan to have it all listed.


Our IRC server is currently only listening over TOR and can be reached at.
Just because it's only possible to connect to it through tor doesn't mean you are invulnerable, think before you chat.

Server Address Port SSL
MAIN irckbhanwtf4ghtp.onion 6667 6697
FALLBACK money56j4w3fjhvp.onion 6667 6697

XMPP and Email (*

We are also offering both XMPP and Email service under the same signup page.
Sadly these cost money to obtain is currently sitting on a price of $5, this is because we need money to run this service.
The email server has properly setup SPF/DMARC/DKIM/rDNS to ensure your emails aren't considered spam by most spam filters.

To sign up head over to the signup page and write in your desired username and password.
Sadly due to our implemntation of automated signup for XMPP you are limited to a limited charset based off this regexp
If you're not sure what that means head over to a site like and learn.

To purchase access to please contact me on XMPP or Jabber at